Rules & Regulations

  1. “Hastings Got Talent?” is an event that showcases the talents of those individuals who live and reside in and around Hastings within the Hastings School District.
  2. Contestants are only allowed one entry in one category. There is a $10 registration fee per act (if act is one person or a group the $10 fee remains the same).
  3. Contestants need to arrive to the Arts Center at 2pm March 15th for instruction, mic check and run through. No full rehearsal will take place prior contestants simply need to arrive the day of prepared.
  4. The performing arts categories that students have to choose from include the following:
    1. Vocal (solo, duet, ensemble)
    2. Instrumental (solo, duet, ensemble)
    3. Theater/Drama (dramatic or poetry reading, monologue, comedy routine)
    4. Dance (tap, jazz, modern, ballet, hip hop)

NOTE: The categories listed above are the expected categories of each program but are dependent on the number of performers that register for the contest.

  1. Hope Christian Preschool reserves the right to add, delete or change categories depending on registration results. Four or more performers or acts are required to make a valid category, since the prizes are awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. If less than four performers are entered in any one category, Hope Christian Preschool holds the right to cancel that category.
  2. Prizes are awarded for 1st ($100), 2nd ($50), and 3rd place ($25).

    Under no circumstances may an act run more than 5 minutes. ACTS RUNNING OVER 5 MINUTES WILL BE DISQUALIFIED! The act is timed from the first vocal utterance in any vocal category; the first body movement in any dance category; and the first musical sound in any instrumental category. Contestants must present themselves to event co-coordinators an hour before the program commences.
  1. Baton-twirlers or similar acts using batons, machetes, knives etc., will not be accepted. No fire, smoke or smoke-effect will be allowed on stage at any time.
  2. In the Vocal category, instrumental accompaniment by the person in the act or others is allowed, but is not judged. It must assume the pure character of accompaniment. The judging will be upon whether the performance would stand alone. NOTE: CD or taped back-up may be. A cassette tape must be cued properly. We cannot be responsible for any tape or CD, which is not picked up following your performance. Please label each tape/CD with your name for identification.
  3. In the Instrumental categories, live or taped accompaniment is allowed but must assume the pure character of accompaniment. The judging will be upon whether the performance would stand alone. The contestant must create all sound live on stage.
  4. In the Dance category, accompanists are permitted on stage. There must be no taps or blatant tap effects on a taped recording by a dancer.
  5. The simple standard that we believe can be fairly applied regarding appropriateness is the following: The lyrics, actions, and dress code of any entry must comply with all good policies for Hastings School Policies. In other words, performers may not sing about, discuss, or pantomime any activity that students could not actually say or do on school grounds.
  6. Hope Christian Preschool and the Hastings Art Center are not responsible for theft/damage or injury of any kind, to persons or instruments, props, clothing etc., during, before or after the performance.
  7. If a contestant should decide to drop out of “Hastings Got Talent?”, any entry fee paid will NOT be refunded. If a category is cancelled, any entry fee paid WILL be refunded.
  8. Contestants must be present at all meetings, rehearsals and shows and must be present during the entire show period. If this is not applicable in any way, contestants must inform Hope Christian Preschool during registration.
  9. Hope Christian Preschool reserves the right to use contestant's name and/or photo for any further publicity purposes.
  10. Organizers reserve the right of final decision on any matters pertaining to the “Hastings Got Talent?” not covered by the rules.

Contestants will be judged on the following basis: Presentation, 25%; Creativity, 25%; Clarity, 25% and Ability, 25%. Contestants are scored solely by the judges. They will be evaluated on how the act would be received by an appropriate, impartial audience in an appropriate setting, and is not based on the size or enthusiasm of an act's "fan club".