Our Staff

  • Stephanie Girgen

    Preschool Administrator

    Steph joined Hope Preschool in 2016, but has spent a lot of time working in similar settings. She served as an aide in the Monday/Wednesday 3 year old classes in 2016/17, and is excited to contribute additionally to the preschool as the administrator. She is excited to teach kids about God's love and about all the beauty He has created in nature. Steph and her husband stay busy taking care of their two daughters.

  • Kim Cummings

    pre-kindergarten teacher

    Kim has been teaching preschoolers for much of her life, and thrives on the day-to-day interaction with the kids. She loves helping them not only to prepare for kindergarten, but also teaching them social skills that they can use throughout life. While these are important her greatest joy is helping them to discover that Jesus loves them! Kim is married with four adult children, and two grandchildren.

  • Arielle Schmidt

    Preschool Teacher

    Arielle is our lead 3s teacher. She has a passion for kids and for Jesus and is excited to blend those loves together in the classroom! When she's not in the classroom, Arielle will be enjoying the outdoors on the hobby farm where she lives or cheering on the Blackhawks.

  • Stefanie Johnson

    Preschool Aide

  • Ruth Johnsen


  • Brittany Kohn